Spoonm - IDARub

IDAPython has made a big splash, by embedding the python interpreter as an IDA plugin, and wrapping the IDA SDK for access from python code. I think this was a great idea to allow more rapid development of IDA plugins, and to help write advanced plugins easier. However, I found a few draw backs with IDAPython. Besides preferring a language besides python, I think the plugin architecture could be improved upon, and brought to be network based. I also think that building some higher level classes that wrap the IDA SDK less tightly help to take a lot of the difficulty out of using the IDA SDK, and make it more intuitive to the typical style of interpretive programming.

IDARub is an IDA plugin that wraps the IDA SDK for access from the Ruby programming language, and exposes these APIs on the network. There is also client side Ruby classes to abstract and expand on the IDA SDK operations. This design attempts to make programming with the IDA SDK easier and more intuitive, and attempts to improve integration with existing and future tools.


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