David Hulton - Breaking Wireless... Faster!!!

Breaking WPA-PSK is possible with coWPAtty, but trying to do so onsite can be time consuming and boring. All that waiting around for things to be computed each and every time we want to check for dumb and default passwords. Well, we're impatient and like to know the password NOW! Josh Wright has recently added support for precomputed tables to coWPAtty -- but how do you create a good set of tables and not have it take 70 billion years? h1kari has implemented the time consuming PBKDF2 step of WPA-PSK on FPGA hardware and optimized it to run at blazing speeds specifically for cracking WPA-PSK and generating tables with coWPAtty.

What about those lusers that still use WEP? Have you only collected a few hundred interesting packets and don't want to wait till the universe implodes to crack your neighbors key? Johnycsh and h1kari have come up with a method to offload cracking keyspaces to an FPGA and increasing the speed considerably.

h1kari will also discuss some of the aspects of algorithms that make them suitable for acceleration on FPGAs and the reasons why they run faster in hardware.


David Hulton has been in the security field for the past 7 years and currently specializes in FPGA Logic Design, 802.11b Wireless Security, Smart Card, and GSM development specifically to exploit its various inherent strengths and weaknesses. David has spoken at numerous international conferences on Wireless Security, has published multiple whitepapers, and is regularly interviewed by the media on computer security subjects.

David Hulton is one of the founding members of Pico Computing, Inc., a manufacturer of compact embedded FPGA computers and dedicated to developing revolutionary open source applications for FPGA systems. He is also one of the founding members of Dachb0den Research Labs, a non-profit security research think-tank, is currently the Chairman of the ToorCon Information Security Conference and has helped start many of the security and unix oriented meetings in San Diego, CA.